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Fortis offers a variety of FlexiTanks for different types and loads of cargo.

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Types of FlexiTanks


Standard Flexitanks

Standard Flexitank is a flexible container with the volume from up to 24 000 Lt, that is used for transportation and storage of liquid, food, bulk and liquid industrial types of loads which are not dangerous. 


​High Temperature Resistance (HTR) Flexitanks

HTR Flexitanks are specially designed for bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature e.g. liquid bitumen, asphalt. This type flexitank is also suitable for all kinds of non-hazardous chemicals with high filling temperature. 


Thermal Liners

Thermal liners work as a woven laminate to provide completely sealed off temperature and humidity controlled environment for the cargo that needs reheating before unloading. 


Dry Bulk Liner

Dry Bulk Liner is the most cost-effective solution for dry cargo transportation and temporary storage. The liner forms a protective barrier between the product and the container interior, minimizes the risks of product quality loss and prevents cargo contamination.


Wine Flexitanks

Wine Flexitanks are specially designed for bulk wine transportation. It offers superior performance in oxygen resistance, high standards of hygiene and maintaining the quality of the product. 


Storage flexitanks 

Storage Flexitanks are perfect for storing fuels such as diesel, JP8, JP1, AV gas (aviation fuel), Diesel #2 and petrol. They can also be used for water, chemicals and/or foodstuffs. 


Paper Ibc

Paper Intermediate Bulk Container or cardboard container, used for storage and transportation of non-hazardous semi-bulk liquid cargo. Simple setup & discharge, space saving, environmentally friendly, no leasing cost. 


Heating Pads

The heat pads were developed and engineered to safely heat highly viscous products to achieve the viscosity levels required to discharge from a flexitank.


20ft Reefer Flexitanks

An incredibly dependable flexitank that can transform refrigerated shipping containers into a reliable and flexible means of storing and transporting liquids. Specially designed for transporting non-hazardous and food-grade liquids in refrigerated shipping containers. Ideal for high-density liquids, such as liquid sugar and fruit concentrates.


Aseptic Flexitanks

Aseptic Flexitank is used to transport food grade liquids such as milk. It is produced in a food grade environment and everything from the valve to bags all are sterilized. The cargo is kept fresh during transportation.  


Bitumen Liner

Bituminous liner is a specially designed flexitank for bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature like bitumen/asphalt. It is suitable for all kinds of liquid road bitumen, liquid chemicals with high filling temperature.

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